St. Ignatius Loyola Church

St. Ignatius Loyola Church located in Houghton Michigan is a beautiful architectural structure that was built in 1902. This Historical structure began to have some leaking issues in the winter of 2003, 2004. It came out for bid in the fall of 2004 and was found to have some water infiltration problems directly related to incorrectly installed flashing on an asphalt shingle roof, which at the time was only approx. 13 years old. Mihm was awarded the contract spring 05 and proceeded to work with Hitch Inc. Architects in the solving of water penetrating problems and the replacing of old failing flashings. Mihm installed a 50 year Architectural shingle on the main body of the building, and installed new copper flashings throughout. We also installed Paradigm copper shingles on the steeple of which was approx. 160’ above ground level. We used our crane, manlift and pettibone for this project. There was a flat roof section of the roof E.P.D.M. and replacing several historic ornate copper items which our copper smith worked in our environmentally controlled shop using old world craftsmanship to replicate new Cross’, spires, finials and cupola. This was a wonderful project full of historic values that Mihm went the extra mile to make sure this job was done correctly.

Rehabilitate Porch Grand Marais Harbor of Refuge Keepers Dwelling

Awarded projects in last 2 yrs: from Feb. 18, 2013

Name: Rehabilitate Porch Grand Marais Harbor of Refuge Keepers Dwelling

Awarded date/ Press release: Oct. 2011- Federal Business Opportunities website

Description of work: Demo existing deteriorating porch & Construct a new front porch on an existing lighthouse on the west channel wall to Lake Superior, out of Grand Marais, MI.

Materials used: Timbersil products, a green product which is an infused with glass lumber product. And Accoya wood product which also is a green product extremely fast growing hardwood. A custom fabricated metal handrail was installed, new foundation work, painting, wood siding, columns, capitols, and bases, concrete sidewalks.

Architect involved: Army corp. of Engineers

Relevant information: A small project that was extremely involved, including performing the work through the winter of 2011 and 2012 on the shore of Lake Superior. Worked closely with officer Chris Case of the National Lakeshore division.